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Reference HDMI 2.0

The new Reference HDMI 2.0 interconnect cable

This newly released  is guaranteed to meet the requirements for HDMI 2.0/HDCP 2.2 data streams, UHD 4K/60 fps, HDR TV, Blu-Ray UHD at a distance up to 20 meters without signal amplifier or repeater requirement. Extremely high total TMDS throughput (≥18 Gbps) ensures a full UHD 4K/60 fps signal is precisely transmitted without single pixel error or noticeable masking issues! The individual 3-layer CAFPE® conductor insulation with superior dielectric consistency significantly lessens the overall capacity and signal energy losses. Individual shielding of each signal conductor pair decreases cross-channel interference and eliminates transmission errors. Common double shielding with copper foil and BRC braid dramatically reduces the electromagnetic radiation especially at high transmission rates as well as protects from external electromagnetic field influence over the digital signal data flow. IC is jacketed with a unique highly elastic thermoplastic polyurethane Elastollan® for unrivalled insulation and vibration absorption. The new Reference solid metal cased HDMI connectors with fully gold plated beryllium copper contacts enhance shielding and the meticulous product visualization. With a rated 100 Ohm wave impedance, improved insulation, shielding and jacketing the new Reference HDMI shows extremely high EMI immunity. It offers higher contrast ratio, greater brightness levels and better colour accuracy. All previous formats are backward compatible.