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Standard DC Power

DC power cables in Standard series

It is beyond all doubt that a quality power supply has a huge impact on the output of Car Audio. The new Standard DC Power is built around a large-scale BRC conductor with improved woven multi-strand arrangement. It is available at present in 4 widely used gauges: 0 AWG (53.50 mm²), 2 AWG (35.00 mm²), 4 AWG (21.50 mm²) and 8 AWG (8.50 mm²). The insulation is constructed of a newly developed Russian made low-loss NPVC (Neutral PVC) with unrivalled dielectric properties that go beyond those of competitors. Widely used in the medical industry for its neutral formula, NPVC offers improved elasticity, high mechanic vibration and acoustic noise protection, as well as excellent resistance to abrasions, tears, temperature fluctuations and aggressive chemical effects. The Standard DC Power provides flawless power transmission with compelling realism and stunning dynamics at an extremely competitive price point.

Type: power cable for high current 12-24V DC applications
Conductror: multi-stranded BRC conductor variants: 0 AWG (53.50 mm2), 2 AWG (35.00 mm²), 4 AWG (21.50 mm²) or 8 AWG (8.50 mm²)
Jacket: low-loss NPVC
Outer diameter: 17 mm (0 AWG), 12.5 mm (2 AWG), 10.2 mm (4 AWG), 7.4 mm (8 AWG)
Available: in bulks (0 AWG), or on spools (2 AWG, 4 AWG, 8 AWG)
Manufactured: Belarus