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Our new top-of-the-line Referenece USB A-B IC is designed and engineered with a desire to achieve the highest musical fidelity.

The enlarged 0.5 mm2 conductors and their advanced multi-stranded arrangement ensures less mechanical stress and lower and lower susceptibility to radio interference. The individual 3-layer CAFPE® conductor insulation with superior dielectric consistency significantly lessens the overall capacity and signal energy losses. The reinforced common shielding with copper foil and BRC braid dramatically reduces the electromagnetic radiation especially at high transmission rates as well as protecting from external electromagnetic field influence over the digital signal data flow. Individual shielding of the signal and power conductor pairs decreases interference, eliminates transmission errors and provides noise free power for external USB devices. The further shielding evolution results in a widened frequency bandwidth and expanded dynamic range. The new Reference USB A-B IC is jacketed with a unique highly elastic thermoplastic polyurethane Elastollan® for unrivalled insulation and vibration absorption. The new Reference solid metal cased USB A-B connectors with fully gold plated beryllium copper contacts enhance shielding and further the meticulous product visualization. The Reference USB A-B IC sets new industry-leading standards for precision craftsmanship and sound quality without equal.