Tchernov Cable CLASSIC


This is Tchernov Cable’s long standing champion, which has always been its most significant global success. Performance and value for money are everything in modern Hi-End. With this in mind we redesigned the range and took a chance to raise it to ever higher standards. The new Classic MkII cables replace their predecessors with a significant boost to their technical and sonic attributes that sees every worthwhile feature seamlessly integrated from top to bottom. SASDB® (Semi-Air-Spaced Dielectric Binding) as a core innovation pioneered here, along with the newest 2-layer CAFPE® conductor insulation and patented X-Shield® EMI protection combine to present our unique brand identity. The Classic family has always been a benchmark of a beautifully balanced sound, excellent build quality and user satisfaction, and we believe that our improvements will ensure that it continues to set these standards. The range combines analogue and digital interconnects, different speaker and AC power cables.