Tchernov Cable CLASSIC


Designed and engineered for sound conscious audiophiles, the second generation of Classic interconnects not only inherit all the advantages of their highly rated predecessors but are vastly superior in all respects. Their further evolution has been achieved through intensive revision of the insulation. Implementation of the SASDB® (Semi-Air-Spaced Dielectric Binding) significantly reduces signal energy losses caused by solid dielectric material, being partially replaced by air spacing with extremely low and frequency independent relative permittivity. Moreover, a 12% extension of the 2-layer CAFPE® individual conductor insulation along with structural refinements to each layer boosts dielectric parameters and reduces cable capacitance. The CAFPE® is overlaid with the use of high precision tooling, with the uniformity and homogeneity of each insulation layer being improved. Establishing their own benchmark for performance the new Classic IC’s have made Tchernov Cable brand a byword for excellence.