Tchernov Cable REFERENCE


Now with SDB and X-Shield® SE. Inspired by the pursuit of absolute fidelity, the newly revised and upgraded Reference series is based on the company's evolving insulation and shielding concepts. Since its triumphant debut in 2005 the Reference range represents a milestone in the state-of-the-art of cable technology. Establishing their own benchmark for performance the Reference cables made Tchernov Cable brand a byword for excellence.

Our ground breaking innovations - Cable-Core with FTDA® technology and SATI® conductor insulation, at that time pioneered in the Reference cables, raised the bar of an absolutely unrivalled product range. Having decided to upgrade what was already an exceptionally high standard, we were aware that further improvements must be significant. A substantial technological breakthrough was achieved through incorporating SDB (Standard Dielectric Binding) and X-Shield® SE.

SDB has replaced a cotton tape binding used previously for FTDA® (Fiber Torsion Damping) process. The MkII models now uses a 2-layer bi-directional X-Cross PE tape that tightens a pair of conductors twisted symmetrically with 2 filling cotton cords under a definite pressure thus finishing the Cable-Core. Being a more advanced and technically accomplished solution, SDB along with SATI® individual conductor insulation boosts the supreme dielectric qualities and mechanical damping as well.

X-Shield® SE is the next generation of our patented Multi-Element Shielding System imported from the flagship Ultimate range. The 50 µ rolled BRC foil provides superior EMI suppression especially at LF, where the industrial noise is most intensive. Due to higher metal mass X-Shield® SE offers better vibration absorption and drastically reduces electro dynamic noise generated in the shield. The greatly improved shielding capability further increases the attainable dynamic range and makes the Reference cables an ideal connecting tool not only for High End AV entertainment, but for professional recording studio applications, as well as for ultra wide dynamic range sonic- and ultrasonic frequency measurement systems.

Last but not least, the new gleaming top-of-the-line Reference V2 RCA & XLR plugs as well as Spade & Banana connectors, made of 10 µ fully gold plated beryllium copper enhance the meticulous product visualization.

After a decade of continuous development and design refinements we now offer the finely tuned state-of-the-art interconnect and speaker cables with every facet of their construction carefully focused on boosting the performance. They offer breath-taking and genuinely “reference” sound. Analytic resolution with a clearly improved timbre accuracy, tonal balance, transient impact and immediacy, coupled with remarkable neutrality are entirely exemplary. With the newest Reference series Tchernov Cable has increased its lead in the class.