Tchernov Cable SPECIAL


A lot of design refinements were cleverly incorporated in scaled down dimensions to meet the demand for a modern slim factor hi-tech interconnect. The major evolution is the revised individual 2-layer CAFPE® conductor insulation with the extended thickness of the inner air-foamed PE and outer solid PE layers, as well as the extra Standard Dielectric Binding - SDB. Such an insulation/binding solution results in a previously unattainable dielectric consistency and significant reductions in the overall capacity and signal energy losses. The Special MkII IC & Special XS MkII IC are fitted with the compact precision-made Special V2 RCA plug with the centre pin made of high grade 5 µ gold plated beryllium copper. They have the distinction of being superb all-round performers with an obvious resemblance to their famed Classic counterparts just at a fraction of the price.