Tchernov Cable ULTIMATE


The Ultimate series is the culmination of our continued efforts to redefine the state-of-the-art in cable design. Our newest flagship cables are the best we ever produced and probably the finest audio cables available today. Designed and carefully handcrafted for the most demanding High End enthusiasts they drive the industry to a previously unimagined level. With every worthwhile feature that is implemented to the utmost of our abilities Ultimate opens the gateway to an esoteric world of details that are usually barely perceptible. The unmatched list of materials used reflect our relentless quest for absolute excellence over the past 15 years.

The Ultimate cables not only have all the outstanding attributes of the highly acclaimed Reference counterparts, but several new design breakthroughs have been incorporated. The main distinction is the newest super-pure BRC+ copper wire, which the conductor is woven from. This superb copper with unsurpassed impurity ratios, especially for the elements with semiconductor properties like tin (Sn) <0.00002%, germanium (Ge) <0.00002%, antimony (Sb) <0.00004%, arsenic (As) <0.00003%, cadmium (Cd) <0.00003%, and oxygen (O) <0.00024%, effortlessly outperforms the original BRC creating one of the most revelatory musical experiences ever reproduced by means of electronics. However, due to the extremely high production cost it is used only in the Ultimate series at present.

The field of dielectrics has a great potential for further improvements in resolution. We rethought the conductor insulation/binding arrangement maximizing their parameters through the use of a complex SATI®/SASDB® assembly. Such a radical solution steps down the common-mode component distributed capacitance thus manifesting itself as desensitizing the cable to HF and UHF noise and reducing signal energy losses. Moreover, it improves vibration damping of the conductor, exceeding that of the Reference series, and decreases the electrodynamic noise to undetectable levels.

Ultimate cables are the first to be engineered with X-Shield® SE (Super Efficiency) - the next generation of our patented Multi-Element Shielding System. It is a 4-layer interactive sandwich, where a >60% BRC braid is enclosed by two layers of solid 50 µ rolled BRC foil. Heavy foil provides better EMI suppression at LF, where industrial noise is most intensive. Due to higher metal mass the SE edition offers superior vibration absorption and drastically reduces electrodynamic noise generated in the shield. Furthermore, the additional outer layer of >85% silver tinsel braid improves the HF-UHF noise protection. The comprehensive shielding capabilities expand the attainable dynamic range.
The new gleaming top-of-the-line Ultimate RCA & XLR plugs along with Spade & Banana connectors, made of fully rhodium plated beryllium copper completes our meticulous product visualization. Rhodium is chosen for its extreme hardness. The coating serves to protect the beryllium copper pin’s surface from deformation and homogeneity disturbance which can cause non-linear or high resistive local zones. Rhodium is noted for its proven neutrality and more detailed, articulated performance.  

Unrestricted dynamics along with awesome scale resolution maintained throughout the entire frequency range translates to fascinating timbre, enormous physicality and fabulous uncompromised transparency. We cannot name a single competitor at any price which is clearly superior. But the final proof lies in listening, of course. The Ultimate is a priceless investment to a lifetime of audio excitement. Enjoy the music!