Distributed Symmetric Conductor (DSC, Patent RU No.2652382U) was first ever introduced in our top-of-the-line power cord - Reference AC Power, released late 2015. The energy transmission is carried out by two lines consisting of three similar conductors, configured around central grounding conductor in a hexagonal structure (1+6) with maximum packing factor. The phase (L) and neutral (N) conductors are aligned in alternating ring circuit. This structural topology enables the highest possible group wave speed, provides significant EMI reduction and good noise immunity up to 20-40dB compared to an ordinary 3-conductor topology. Low irradiation energy losses determine low and sable impedance in a wider frequency range from DC to tens of MHz and guarantee near-to-ideal energy transmission from power source to power consumer in a relatively compact outer diameter with exceptional flexibility, making the regular AC cord substitution easy and esthetic.

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