Tchernov Cable News


Article from: HiFi Vision, 01/2012

When connecting analog or digital sources to a high-quality amplifier or receiver, you shouldn’t cheap out on the quality of the connecting cables. We have found an especially interesting interconnect in the extensive program of the Russian manufacturer Tchernov Audio, the CLASSIC IC, which offers top quality for a fair price. Specially manufactured and processed copper is used as a conductor material. Underlying is an exclusive procedure that Tchernov Audio have adopted from the high-tech research department of the Russian military. Together with an SAF PE insulation, an elaborate braided screen and a stable Tefl on sheath, the Classic IC achieves very good results for both analog and digital signals (impedance about 110 ohms). Solid RCA connectors with a screwable hull that can firmly squeeze the RCA jack ensure perfect contact.  


Fine sound details don’t fall on the wayside with the CLASSIC IC. It is suitable as an analog or digital signal cable, very well built and delivers crystal-clear sound with absolutely fine dynamics.


Price                   250 Euro (2 x 1m)



Available lengths (m)        0.65, 1.0, 1.65 , 4.35 , 5.0

Connections                     RCA, XLR

Contacts                          Gold plated contact surfaces