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(Article from HiFi Test TV HiFi March 2012)

This loudspeaker cable from the Russian specialists incorporates their new X-Shield technology. This special, multi-layer shielding that consists of parallel and reversely laid copper foils internally covers more than 95% of the cable. The result: Excellent noise immunity and a very low shielding impedance. The two inner conductors consist of multi-layer copper strands with an overall cross section of 4 sqmm. Each conductor is additionally protected by several layers of PE foils and Teflon sheathings. Two cotton strands and a flexible SPVC jacket as well as the outer tissue sleeve protect the cable from mechanical impact. The 20 cm spread cable ends are terminated with solid metal banana plugs, firmly bolted down inside them with two screws. A separate grounding wire that has to be connected to the negative post of the speaker ensures even more freedom from parasitic error. In practice, the CLASSIC XS SC impresses with absolute neutrality. Music signals are transmitted really without alteration from the amplifier to the loudspeakers.  


The CLASSIC XS SC is a speaker cable that greatly enhances pure music enjoyment. It will give the final touch to any high-quality HiFi-system. 

Tchernov Cable CLASSIC XS SC

Price from 800 Euro

Distributor Tchernov Audio GmbH, Berlin

Phone +49 30 683202220



    Available lengths      1.65 m, 2.65 m, 4.35 m, 5.0 m, 7.1 m


    Specifications            X-Shield, 2 x 4 sqmm conductors,

                                           gold-plated banana plugs, BRC-copper strands,

                                           Teflon and PE jackets / PVC tissue sleeve,

                                           spread length about 20 cm, additional ground wire,

                                           cable diameter about 20 mm