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The current test criteria were used to compare the picture and sound quality, delivered from a Blu-ray player to an AV-receiver via cable. The video and the audio signals are to be as synchronous among each other as possible. Besides that, it is crucial for an HDMI cable to resist EMI from nearby electronic devices and other cables of different types: low- and high-frequency interconnects, power cords etc. It can easily happen so that some image disturbance or sound interruption occurs as a result of such interference. We have performed this test using the Pro IC HDMI cable by Tchernov Audio Company, which has a sales office in Berlin. Other cable to compare was standard no-name HDMI cable supplied with AV-equipment.

There was a whole bunch of interconnect and power cables all over the place lying in the HDMI cables' way. In contrast to the standard cheap cable used to connect the BD-player to the AV-receiver, the Tchernov Audio cable showed much less image and sound distortions - nothing significant, in spite of the various disturbances. This HDMI cable will also make sure that you enjoy the absolutely clear high definition sound. You actually start trusting this product as soon as you first try it's handy tight and strong connection to device's HDMI socket and look to decently manufactured connectors and cables. Meanwhile the cable has good protection against mechanical damages that for instance very useful during the AV-equipment installation into the Hi-Fi rack or during the replacement of devices. Cable bending does not inflict any damage because of good flexibility with big enough 11 millimeter outer diameter.


With the Tchernov Audio HDMI cable you can be absolutely sure that you will be able to enjoy your favorite films in a faultless quality.

Pro IC HDMI Cable

Price from 80 EUR
Sales Tchernov Audio, Berlin
Phone number 030-683202220

Tech info

Category HDMI cable High Speed
Available length 0.62, 1, 1.65, 2, 2.65, 3, 5, 10, 12.5, 15, 20 m
Specifications High Speed, oxygen-free BRC copper with Low-Density Polyethylene insulation, triple copper shielding, gold-plated metal connectors, 11 mm outer diameter, soft damping PVC jacket with grey outer braid.


Quality of manufacturing 20% 1,0
Performance 60% 1,0
Usability 20% 1,1
Quality level top class
Price / performance very good