Tchernov Cable News


Article from: HEIMKINO 5/6 2012

HDMI cables shall do one thing before anything else: They must transport the digital image and sound signals from A to B without any losses. Almost every short cable can do this without a problem, but cable lengths above 7.5 meters separate the wheat from the chaff. The chaps at Tchernov Audio are especially proud of their PRO-IC-HDMI cable that manages to overcome lengths of up to 20 meters losslessly without a repeater. For our test we invited the 15 meter version. This length already would overexert almost all other available cables, so we were particularly excited to see the results with the PRO-IC. Our insight: No matter at which place in the signal chain we employed the cable, it worked absolutely flawlessly everywhere. Also differing orders of switching the units on did not confuse it, nor did they result in operation failures. The signal quality was always exemplary good, sharpness and attention to detail are without parallel, and this is how the PRO-IC scares many (more expensive) competitors’ products. Another advantage of the Tchernov cable: Its outstandingly good internal low-density polyethylene mesh shielding doesn‘t permit any interference from other signal or power cables. The build quality also is very appealing. The plugs are gold-plated and strainrelieved twice with an inner bonding and an outer screw connection. The outer PVC braid is soft but robust enough to protect the sensitive inside from pressure while maintaining flexibility, which facilitates the laying of the cable. Of course the PRO-IC is ethernet-capable and therefore suitable for future HDMI networks.  


The Tchernov PRO-IC-HDMI cable has a unique selling point with its absolutely trouble-free and reliable signal transport over long distances and is our new Top Class Reference!