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(Article from: HiFi- & TV-Kabel, issue 1 / 2011, page 7, Rubric: Interconnect Cable test)

This analog RCA cable from Tchernov REFERENCE series is a real treat for the eyes and ears. The round cross section cable 12 millimeter in diameter incorporates two multi-wire conductors made from special BRC (Balanced Refinement Conductor) copper. The BRC technology has been selected by Tchernov technicians and specialists in course of numerous high-end tests. The conductors are Teflon-coated to protect the cables from mechanical interference. A dense copper shield wraps the cable completely and grants protection from other disturbances that can be caused by surrounding devices, other signal cables or any additional factors interrupting with sound delivery. The outer jacket is made from thick Elastollan completed with a decorative black sock. In spite of this solid and complex construction, the cable is very flexible and thus really practical in usage. And it is only natural for the metal pin to have gold-plated contacts. The slitted outer contacts turn out to be absolutely reliable and grant perfect plug sleeve connection with an RCA-terminal.

The hand-made cable has an approximately 8 cm long heat-shrunk insulation near the connector itself to give additional protection from bending. We performed the test connecting our reference devices via this Reference cable and it provided crystal clear and absolutely natural sound delivery. The high-end cable construction guarantees perfect resistance to any outer interference from the surrounding electronic devices.


REFERENCE IC RCA will let you fully enjoy your Hi-Fi system. This cable has the true right to hold the Reference title and can for sure be recommended to each and every Hi-Fi purist.

Reference SC

Category interconnect cable
Price from 650 Euro
Sales Tchernov Audio, Berlin
Phone number 030-683202220

Tech info

Available length 0.62 m, 1 m, 1.65 m, 2.65 m, 4.35 m, 5m
Specifications BRC copper RCA cable with 2 x 1 mm² inner conductors, with Teflon coating and 100% copper insulation/110 ohm wave impedance; 11,5 mm outer diameter; gold-plated pin; durable braided outer jacket.


Quality of manufacturing 20% 1,0
Performance 60% 1+
Usability 20% 1,0
Price / performance excellent