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(Article from: HiFi- & TV-Kabel, issue 1 / 2011, page 10, Rubric: Speaker Cable test)

The first emotion you get after opening the carton box with Tchernov REFERENCE speaker cable set is deep feeling of respect while these thick black cables about 25 mm in diameter have everything to embody all of the state of the art cable virtues. Two 5,5 mm² thick inner conductors from the special BRC copper with very small amount of iron and magnesium and only minimum quantity of stannum are hidden inside the cable and insulated with Teflon tapes with a thick LDPE (Low Density Polyethylen) cover. Triple BRC copper shielding protects very effectively from the interference effect of inner conductors and finally the thick PVC and Elastollan jacket and the cotton braiding protect the cable from mechanical disturbances.

Further protection is granted by the shiny decorative black sock. The cables end with hermetic shrinkable cambric on which cable direction is also specified and then goes a cable part with no coating approximately 13 centimeter in length. The cable is available with Banana plugs as well as with 2.5 mm thick Spade lugs, up to the customer's choice. Moreover, the speaker cable is supplied with a thin extra conductor from the speaker's end.

During the listening test the Reference series cable provided further increase in sound quality when we connected it to our reference amplifier and the big B&W 802D. The music sounded more natural and we could experience the distinctly better location of the instruments and vocal on the virtual sta


With this cable Tchernov Audio has created a real reference on the market. It grants perfect sound experience to those who want to get the best out of their High-End systems.


Category speaker cable
Price from 1,300 EUR
Sales Tchernov Audio, Berlin
Phone number 030-683202220

Tech info

Available length 1.65 m, 2.65 m, 4.35 m, 5m
Specifications 2 x 5.5 mm² acoustic cable with Banana plugs or Spade lugs; BRC copper, Teflon insulation and LDPE cover; 25 mm outer diameter; ca. 13 cm cable part with no coating; cable direction specified; an extra conductor from the speaker's end.


Quality of manufacturing 20% 1,1
Performance 60% 1+
Usability 20% 1,0
Price / performance excellent