Reference AC Power EUR

Tchernov Cable Reference AC Power EUR (1.65 m)

This state-of-the-art power cord builds on the ground-breaking DSC (Distributed Symmetric Conductor, Patent RU No.2652382U) architecture. The electric energy transmission is carried out by two lines consisting of three similar conductors, configured around a central grounding conductor in a hexagonal arrangement 3+3+1 with a maximum packing factor. >>>


Available: Yes

The phase (L) and neutral (N) conductors are aligned in an alternating ring circuit. DSC enables the highest possible group wave speed, significant EMI reduction and better noise immunity up to 20-40 dB compared to an ordinary conductor. Decreased irradiation determines low and stable impedance in a wider frequency range from DC to tens of MHz and guarantees near-to-ideal power transfer in a relatively compact outer diameter for an easy and aesthetically pleasing alternative to a conventional cord. The SATI®/SASDB® insulation/binding combination significantly decreases the relative permittivity and signal energy losses within the dielectric. The X-Shield® SE ensures superior EMI suppression especially at LF, where industrial noise is most intensive, and virtually eliminates electro-dynamic noise in the shield. Exceptional noise immunity further extends the attainable dynamic range and makes the Reference AC Power an ideal solution not only for AV equipment, but for professional use in recording studios, as well as for ultra wide dynamic range sonic- and ultrasonic frequency measurement systems. It is jacketed with highly elastic thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) Elastollan® for unrivalled dielectric long-term stability, mechanical strength and efficient absorption of acoustic noise and vibrational loads. The Reference AC connectors with anti-resonant polycarbonate bodies and gold plated beryllium copper contact groups contribute to loss-free electric energy flow and complete the meticulous product visualization. When wired with the new Reference AC Power cords any AV set-up becomes harmonized and acquires unsurpassed definition, transparency and class-leading musical loftiness.<<<

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