Reference MkII IC AES/EBU

Thanks to carefully accomplished essential design refinements this digital symmetrical interconnect is perfectly adapted for high precision digital data transfer via a balanced AES/EBU interface. >>>

Available: Yes

Exactly matched 110 Ohm wave impedance, the optimized SATI®/SDB insulation/binding combination and the enhanced X-Shield® SE boost the supreme dielectric qualities, EMI immunity and vibration damping. The radical insulation, binding and shielding improvements decrease signal energy loss and dispersion, as well as eliminate the roots of noise-correlated jitter and contribute to accurate transmission of the digital pulse’s time scale and shape. That is extremely important for precise PLL master clock recovery in digital receivers. The new Reference MkII IC AES/EBU is an almost ideal digital interconnect cable with class-leading analytic definition, transparency and spatial presentation combined with unfailingly precise timbre reproduction and neutrality. It offers simply exceptional performance with meticulous attention to every subtlety and stunning naturalness and realism.<<<

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