Ultimate IC RCA

Ultimate IC RCA 0.62 m

With a 110 Ohm rated impedance the Ultimate IC perfectly suits all kinds of analogue and digital audio signal transmission with supreme definition. It performs with stunning authority and unparalleled accuracy. >>>

Available: Yes

The Cable-Core (Patent RU No.124834U) accommodates 2 x 1.00 mm² (19 x 0.26 mm) multi-stranded BRC conductors, twisted symmetrically with 2 filling cotton cords and tightened together with SASDB by means of FTDA technology. SATI, a 5-layer bi-directional X-Cross porous PTFE (Teflon®) tape is employed for individual conductor insulation. X-Shield SE (Patent RU No.124835U) is a 4-layer interactive sandwich, where >60% BRC braid is enclosed by two layers of heavy 50 µ rolled BRC foil, with an additional outer layer made of >85% silver tinsel braid. Jacketed with Elastollan®, it is available in standard terminated lengths, covered by a nylon protective sleeve and fitted with the new top-of-the-line Ultimate RCA & XLR plugs for analogue and digital (AES/EBU) audio.<<<