Tchernov Cable original

original IC RCA

Analog coaxial interconnect cable. Developed to transmit analogue signal of the highest quality, it is highly customized interconnect with a rated 75 Ohm wave impedance and excellent EMI-RFI protection. His feature the same large-scale 0.70 mm² (19 x 0.23 mm) multi-stranded BRC conductor in a 3-layer CAFPE® insulation and sophisticated 2-layer shield: inner layer - copper foiled PET, outer layer - >90% BRC braid. The double antistatic SPVC jacket with a high mechanical damping ratio is coloured with a refined formula of organic dye. All these solutions bring ordinary coaxial design to a previously unattainable performance level and set Original interconnect apart from STANDARD counterparts. Available on spools and in standard terminated lengths, fitted with Original RCA plug.

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