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  1. You will have a fake assembly cable using a Tchernov Cable.
    Absolutely all components used for assembly of our cables (solder, decorative socks, heat-shrinking tubes, various connectors etc.), without exception, are not chosen by chance, but as a result of careful selection of their chemical composition and content or absence of certain elements. All materials and components, as well as the quality of the final assembly result in what is then named Tchernov Cable.
    Factory-made cable is a completely finished, thought out from the beginning to the end product, that meets all our requirements for quality and sound in each price category.

  2. All Tchernov Cable products (except HDMI and USB cables) are manufactured in highly reputable Russian factories specialized for aviation, space and military-industrial complex. The Cable Series Standard, Original, Special and Classic are produced in the "Chuvashcable" factory in Cheboksary. The Cables Series Ultimate, Reference and Classic XS SC are produced in a design engineering bureau in Mytishi (Moscow region). The termination process is happening in Moscow in Tchernov facilities and by Tchernov employees. All connectors and solder are made in Taiwan by specialized company and according to specific Tchernov definition and requests.

  3. Most of cable consumers think, that only pure copper without impurities can be used for the best performance in audio and video transmission. However, impurities, as we know, are always present, even in the pure copper. Our numerous tests proved that copper with right balance of impurities "perform" far better than most refined. Experimentally we found an optimal balance between copper and admixtures – BRC (Balanced Refinement Copper) – that lets the conductor, correspond to the sound transmission most correct.

  4. Basically two advantages:

    The jacket protection from possible mechanical damage during cable installation.
    Improving the damping properties of the jacket.

  5. All our conductors and cables are round. We see it as the most stable and natural from the point of view of the laws of physics, as well as providing a more uniform application of insulation materials.

  6. Shields of all our balanced interconnect cables Series: Special, Classic and Reference, with RCA connector, grounded at the signal source.

  7. The drain wire provides electrical contact to the shield along the entire length of the cable. If drainage is not connected to the "minus" terminal in the audio system, you can have the distortion in high frequencies, the sound is too bright, intrusive, and low-frequency range will be "blurred". When connecting the drain wire, the RF range will be more transparent, natural, and bass is more controlled. In general, the sound becomes more natural.

  8. Our cables reveal maximum potential, both tube and transistor technology. It is only a matter of personal taste, which technique you prefer.

  9. Yes, of course. You have to coordinate it with our sales department.

  10. As a result of the technical features of production, became the cable wire direction properties. In the manufacture process of the cables, this direction is monitored at all stages and finally gets marked by drawing arrows on the cable jacket. Additional check is in the prototypes hearing tests.

  11. The price of our products is determined by quality of materials. Our lower line products use the same materials as in the premium series. The only difference is in the complexity of design and materials quantity. They also use only materials, tested and approved Institute of Cable Industry in Russia.

  12. The lengths of our cables are selected in accordance with the "golden ratio". The starting point in the calculation of the following lengths was the anatomical proportion of 62:38, which in addition gives 1.0, and at division of 62:38 - number 1, 6315787 (rounded to 1.65). Taking as a starting point 1.0 (based range - 1 meter), and following the principle of the golden ratio (length of the next segment should be equal to the sum of the previous two), we get the following range: 0.62 m - 1 m - 1.65 m - 2, 65 m - 4.35 m - 7.1 m *. Length 4.35m and 7.1m are slightly higher than the value of the golden ratio, associated with the wave’s proliferation in the cable and chosen experimentally. 3.1 m and 5 m - intermediate length, made at the request of consumers.

  13. This category is not an area of direct interest to us.

  14. Basically our products complement to any audio system, regardless of the country or the brand or manufacturer. One of the main principles we strictly adhere - the cables must not add any color to the sound. Therefore we can say about the relative flexibility of our cables.

  15. We pay special attention to the quality of dielectric materials and unique insulation and shield construction. The combination of the above creates the unique TCHERNOV CABLE style.

  16. Since all of our cables are made of related copper, we see no contraindications. It depends on the resolution of the audio system. Only the use of expensive cable in cheap audio system, will not give the expected result, and vice versa.

  17. It should be understood that the digital signal is also influenced by interferences and can be corrupted over the limitation of bandwidth or dispersion growth. The influence of this on the function of audio or video systems which accept this signal will not be  trivial as is also the case in analogue signal transmission, and will be more variable due to changes of settings, decoding modes, more or less private requests of data packages, errors and so on. At the same time the result of these variations is almost completely unpredictable because it depends entirely on external factors and can be estimated only for a particular system under specific conditions. The higher quality, jamproof (anti-interference) and pulse cable is used for data transmission, this closely matches the system of reception and data transmission to ideal working conditions, making it less necessary to perform the calculations of error corrections and double-inquiries resulting it much reduced interference from the powerful data processing, which performs these functions.

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