Tchernov Cable FAQ


  1. Insulation with PTFE makes a conductor exposed to high temperatures. So we use the cold insulation in a multi-layer winding porous PTFE films, providing insulation without putting heat the conductor.

  2. It is necessary for damping of mechanical vibration, caused through electrodynamics effects in the Earth's magnetic field and the magnetic fields from different devices, and reduces microphone effect. This, in turn, greatly improves the cable work with small signals, and increases the resolution of the audio system.

  3. The requirements for polyvinylchloride, used in the cable industry, are very specific. Each recipe is unique for itself. We at Tchernov use Polyvinylchloride SPVC, which is particularly soft and has a wide operating temperature range (-45 ° C to +70 ° C). It has amazing dielectric properties and can be used as a jacket for the cable and as insulation for conductor. It withstands extreme high voltage and has unique damping properties.

  4. Elastollan is special thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer (we use the one from BASF), which we use as jacket material. This is a unique material with great electrical, mechanical and high-damping qualities.

  5. We are also using this material as a main jacket in our Classic XS SC and as an inner jacket in the Reference SC and the Ultimate SC.

  6. The letter «S» means SOFT (soft) that initially of the mechanical properties of the cable.

  7. Antistatic additive performs three important functions:

    Reduces microphone effect, because of the smaller static voltage of the jacket during its deformation.
    Reduces the cable sensitivity to the external interferences, because PVC does not accumulate static electricity.
    Reduces the "warm-up" of the cable (the time of stabilization of its parameters).

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