Tchernov Cable FAQ


  1. Based on our concept, copper is the best material for the audio signal transmission. As know, we use a Balanced Refinement Copper with a certain content of impurities. One of the impurities is already silver, that quantity is enough for that balance. Additional silver in our opinion distorts high-frequency range.

  2. We do not have our own copper furnace facility or copper extraction facility. We get the copper from our business partners, which act in accordance with our special technical requirements for the copper composition. TCHERNOV CABLE production is a multistage process, which includes several partner companies. Nevertheless, we control all processes from copper wire manufacturing to plugs and we surely know the result we get.

  3. Yes, it’s true that we use copper wire, which is produced from raw materials from the Ural Mountains. We do not extract or process copper stones, because our job is to develop and produce the cable itself.

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