Any digital interconnect cable regardless of its design and topology should be perfectly adapted for unfailingly precise digital data transfer according to a specified protocol. The accuracy of the digital data flow deteriorates from EMI in a wide frequency range. Therefore noise immunity is a class-determinative factor in a digital cable design.

The groundbreaking complex insulation, conductor damping and shielding solutions, implemented by Tchernov Cable, along with the BRC conductors and shields, bring unsurpassed EMI suppression, decrease signal energy loss and dispersion, as well as eliminate the roots of a noise-correlated jitter. All these design refinements contribute to immaculate transmission of the digital pulse’s time scale and shape, especially when it comes to a high-speed multichannel Hi-Res audio & UHD 4K/60Hz video digital data transmission.

Tchernov Cable digital line-up combines coaxial, symmetric, USB 2.0 and HDMI 2.0 digital interconnect cables, fitted with the precision-made rugged RCA, BNC, XLR, USB A-B and HDMI plugs. Industry-leading analytic definition, transparency, spatial presentation and precise timbre are what Tchernov Cable is widely known for. All our digital interconnect cables offer simply exceptional performance with meticulous attention to every subtlety and stunning analog naturalness and realism. They are probably the finest digital cables, outperforming most of the competitors within a wide price segment and well above their own cost.

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