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Analog interconnect audio cables are widely used in AV consumer electronics industry for transmitting low-level analog signals. The entire analog signal path influences the overall AV system performance and, consequently, its integrity and subjective listening perception. The signal transmission quality depends mainly on a perfectly designed and computed cable construction and the value of the materials used for its execution. Tchernov Cable applies exceptional technical solutions to every aspect of cable composition that really set our products apart.

We consider copper the best conductive material in terms of timbre accuracy and tonal balance. Therefore all Tchernov Cable conductors and shields are made of Balanced Refinement Copper (BRC) with the specified ratios of chemical impurities. BRC performs with stunning musical fidelity for both audio and video, rendering information precisely as it was recorded without added coloration and distortion.

Any audio set-up wired with Tchernov analog interconnect cables acquires the brand’s trademark tonal balance and natural timbre, reiterated through the whole line-up, from the entry-level Standard series up to the flagship Reference & Ultimate series. At the same time definition and dynamic range improve consistently due to the thought-out combination of the innovative proprietary insulation, conductor damping and shielding techniques. Many of these methods are covered with the Russian patents.

Designed and engineered for the sound conscious customers, the modern Tchernov Cable range of analog cables combines coaxial and symmetric designs fitted with the precision-made rugged RCA & XLR plugs with the pins made of high grade beryllium copper. With every worthwhile feature seamlessly integrated from top to bottom our coaxial and symmetric analog interconnect cables acquire class-leading fit and finish, outperforming most of the competitors within a wide price segment and well above their own cost.

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