Tchernov Cable POWER CABLES


Power cables serve to provide a loss-free power transmission for all kinds of modern AV & High End equipment regardless of design ethos and specification. Exactingly thought-out and computed cable construction, as well as the value of the materials used for its execution, should ensure highest immunity from EMI as well as minimize intrinsic noise levels of the system components.

All Tchernov Cable AC power cords embody our contemporary design philosophy with every facet of their construction carefully focused on boosting the performance. They feature stunning complex insulation, conductor damping and shielding innovations, combined with the unique BRC conductors and shields. Thanks to exemplary EMI immunity, unrivalled vibration absorption and flexibility all our AC power cords are an ideal solution not only for conventional power cable upgrades, but for dedicated in-wall power line cablings as well, where efficient multiple external interferences protection is a key requirement. With advanced resonance absorbing polycarbonate bodies and gold plated copper alloy contact group the new precision-made AC connectors ensure the loss-free electric energy flow and complete the meticulous product visualization.

All our modern power cables regardless of design and the price asked far outstrip most of their competitors within a wide price segment and well above their own cost. When wired with the Tchernov Cable AC power cords any AV system becomes harmonized and acquires unsurpassed full frequency range definition, transparency and amazing musical loftiness.

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