Tchernov Cable PRO 4 SC


We developed the new all-weather Pro 4 SC & Pro 6 SC speaker cables for extensive long distance cabling. They are built around parallel multi-stranded BRC conductors in a common low-loss NPVC jacket. The BRC conductors in two widely used sizes: 4.00 mm² and 6.00 mm² are woven using the advanced Multiwire technology with high-precision consistent inter-wire tension control, accurate tight weave, perfect strand conformity and precise insulation overlaying. The insulating jacket is constructed of a non-colored transparent Russian made low-loss NPVC (Neutral PVC) with unrivalled dielectric properties that go beyond those of competitors. Widely used in various medical equipment for its neutral formula, NPVC offers improved elasticity, high mechanic vibration and acoustic noise protection, as well as excellent resistance to abrasions, tears, temperature fluctuations, sea water and aggressive chemical effects. Exceptional flexibility derived from the streamlined non-round jacket profile and the Multiwire conductor arrangement simplifies cable installation even in hard to reach trunking and cable management systems where space is at a premium.

Type: all-weather speaker cable for extensive long distance cabling
Conductor: 4.00 mm2 multi-stranded BRC conductor
Jacket: low-loss NPVC (Neutral PVC)
Outer diameter: 5 x 10 mm
Available: in bulks
Manufactured: Belarus

Due to our policy of continuous product development, all specifications are subject to change without notice.

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