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From the very outset of our work in audio cabling we declared complex insulation, conductor damping and shielding techniques to be completely integral to our persistent design evolution. It is very unusual approach as the rest of our competitors still focus on endless copper refinement at ever more inflated costs. With this in mind we introduced the most technically advanced SATI® (Patent RU No.124832U) conductor insulation ever. Based on a method of cold non-polar dielectric tape overlaying, SATI® ensures the best electrical conductivity and provides a decrease of relative permittivity and signal energy loss. SATI®/SDB insulation/dielectric binding combination steps down the common-mode component distributed capacitance thus manifesting itself as desensitizing the cable to HF and UHF noise.

After intensive testing, large 1.00 mm2 BRC conductors were selected for class-leading definition and real-scale imaging. We consider vibration damping a key influence on performance. A conductor free floating in a viscous longitudinal cotton fibre surround with high mechanical decrement is the foundation of FTDA® (Fibre Torsion Damping, patent RU No.124834U) method. High inter-fibre torsion and low filler density enhance the efficient absorption of mechanical vibrations affecting the conductor across all frequencies by as much as 50 times and ensure the widest possible dynamic range.

Our computerized environment is full of multiple interferences, induced on analog low-current signal and digital data flow. With the focus on noise immunity we applied X-Shield® SE (Super Efficiency) - the latest evolution of our highly acclaimed Multi-Element Shielding System (Patent RU No.124835U) imported from the Ultimate series. A 4-layer interactive sandwich with two layers of 50 µ rolled BRC foil provide superior EMI suppression especially at LF, where the industrial noise is most intensive, offer better vibration absorption and drastically reduce electro dynamic noise generated in the shield.

The sophisticated jacketing with the thermoplastic polyurethane Elastollan® has always been the DNA of our Reference cables. Developed by BASF, Elastollan® exemplifies elasticity, dielectric long-term stability, exceptional vibration absorption, as well as excellent resistance to abrasions, tears, temperature fluctuations, and aggressive chemicals.

The gleaming Reference V2 RCA & XLR plugs made of 10 µ fully gold plated beryllium copper enhance the meticulous product visualization. Our modern generation of Reference analog & digital interconnects offers a true audiophile level that is noticeably ahead of the world competition including well above their own cost.

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