Tchernov Cable STANDARD


This highly affordable range vividly represents all the technical and sonic benefits of «Made in Russia». It embodies the fundamental standards of design and craftsmanship our team elaborated from the very outset. Standard copper interconnect cables & speaker wires, as well as DC power cords are created from the rigorous selection of the finest Russian-made materials and chemical ingredients, most of them prove to be unmatched in the industry: BRC conductors and shields, specially developed PVC compositions with enhanced dielectric and mechanical properties, unique organic dyes of a refined chemical formula, a high purity non-polar PE without any artificial polymerization accelerators that do have polar molecular structure. Our exemplary assembling skills undoubtedly deliver more value to these highly affordable products and Tchernov Cable brand.

Suitable for conventional wiring upgrades, basic Home Audio and various on-board applications, Standard cables offer the highest quality performance and confidently outstrip many globally renown brands not only within this price segment but well above it. As a result any set-up wired with these cables acquires our trademark sonic richness, accurate tonal balance and natural timbre that translate into a spectacular musical experience.

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