All cable manufacturers aim to the one goal – increase copper refining to the utmost, having eliminated admixtures from it. The number of nines after the point has become a source of particular pride for a lot of engineers as it is indeed quite problematic to get the copper's degree of purification of more...

(Article from: DVD-Expert, winter 2009 issue, page 95&98)

Mega-test: Interconnects in price range from RR3000 to RR6000.

So far "Russian Hi-Fi cable" phrase is associated with a handwork of a do-it-yourself enthusiasts rather than with a product which is good both inward and in outward appearance. Tchernov Audio CLASSIC IC interconnect is industrially produced and thus it looks nice and pleases with a quality sound.

Technoligy - We will do it differently

All cable manufacturers aim to the one goal – increase copper refining to the utmost, having eliminated admixtures from it. The number of nines after the point has become a source of particular pride for a lot of engineers as it is indeed quite problematic to get the copper's degree of purification of more than 4 sacramental figures of nine in industrial environment. Developers of TchernovAudio company chose a different way and used BRC (Balanced Refinement Conductor) technology which is about accurate selection of admixtures, which means that it allows influence directly on the sounding character of cable made from copper. In such a way it is possible to get linear amplitude-frequency characteristic of the future cable on the level of material without application of sophisticated structural and technological solutions.

Interconnect Tchernov Audio CLASSIC IC has a two-conductor balanced construction. The two conductors are twisted together and shielded from external EMI by braided copper wires. The shield is fixed to the body of connector from the source of signal side. Isolation of internal cable conductors – three layers of polyethylene: the first layer is a solid high pressure material, the second one is foamed and the third one – again solid, though low pressure polyethylene. External jacket is another Russian development: specific flexible polyvinylchloride compound with improved dielectric and anti-vibration parameters. The product is concealed from rough mechanical effects by strong though flexible cable braid.

Experience - The cable, able to disappear

Tchernov Audio CLASSIC IC model wonderfully combines massive outer diameter, flexibility and low weight. Connectors look pretty decent. Directionality of the cable is outlined with the text recorded on a piece of heat shrink tube. This exactly piece of the heat shrink tube spoils the impression a bit, as because of that the stiffness of the cable raises significantly and it does not allow to put amplifier close to the wall.

To be honest, when we added a Russian interconnect to our mega-test we felt some certain skepticism rather than confidence that it would be able to worthily stand out in a competition with products of older and more famous cable brands. Nevertheless, we only have to switch the system on as the degree of our patriotism has dramatically risen. With TchernovAudio CLASSIC IC cable the system starts playing so transparently and clear that it creates an impression of slightly higher volume. Having heard that, we decide to check if somebody has touched respective handle while switching over the cables. But the volume at amplifier is exactly at same level it was. In an instant a question raised on where did the volume go when using other interconnects? Apparently TchernovAudio's specialists appeared to be right – the value of the copper could be not only in its purity, but in a certain composition of admixtures which guarantees exceptional clearness of the interconnect in an audiosystem. Surely, the configuration of the cable, provided it’s quite low own capacitance – just 75 picofarads, made its contribution into the sound.

It is difficult to talk about the sound of TchernovAudio CLASSIC IC – the interconnect itself in the system does not exist. There is music, ungarbled unembellished and not filtered out. This is how did it look like against the background of the majority participants of our test. With this cable the system sounds with the excellent tonal balance; the scene, details, dynamic, expressiveness – everything is just perfect. Nothing precludes you from attentive listening of tiniest nuances of the record or, if you do not want to, just enjoy flow of emotions and precise tuneful visualizations. Naturally, the cable has no any genre preferences, all the test tracks are performed perfectly.

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When accomplishing a system, it would be rational to consider acoustic cables of the same series as a possible option. It would allow building even more transparent sound channel facilitating full disclosure of all the musical nuances.


Name Tchernov Audio CLASSIC IC
Price RR 5300


Configuration screened twisted pair
Conductor copper of special purification
Internal isolation 3 layers of polyethylene
External jacket flexible polyvinylchloride compound
Connectors brass body, contact pin – copper
Measured capacitance 75 picofarads


+ Balanced sound with very good dynamics and three-dimensional soundstage, manufacturing quality

- Long labeled heat shrink tube puts a crimp in installation.

Score: 5 of 5 Stars

Summary for Mega-test

Tchernov Audio CLASSIC IC appeared to be excellent in all respects and showed that main feature which characterises an ideal cable: it is the most unobservable in the system. Should we have a chance to add a couple of stars to the mark, this interconnect would definitely gain ones. The battle for second and third positions was pretty tough as there were three challengers and only two places. Finally The Chord Company Chameleon Silver Plus was left in the basket as its sound had something in common with Straight Wire ENCORE II and the general level of quality of these models was similar to each other, while prices were totally incomparable. It is only left to decide which one is better, Straight Wire ENCORE II or Black Rhodium Illusion Diva? The first one is irreproachable in tunes, though selective with emotions; the second one is not ideal with sounds, but is able to sweep along with its soulfulness and expression.

The test of time has demonstrated that Illusion Diva can be listened to for forever and a day, while music in performance of ENCORE II holds attention during much less time and quickly transfers into a pleasant background. Thus, the honorary second place goes to soulful Black Rhodium Illusion Diva and to the third place splendid Straight Wire ENCORE II is invited.


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