Ultimate IC RCA

Tchernov Cable Ultimate IC RCA (0.62 m)

Our top-of-the-line analog interconnect cable is exactingly engineered around the immaculate 1.00 mm² BRC+ conductors with unsurpassed impurity ratios and FTDA® damping method. >>>

Available: Yes

A conductor free floating in a viscous longitudinal cotton fiber surround with high mechanical decrement enhances the efficient absorption of mechanical vibrations affecting the conductors by as much as 50 times and ensures the widest possible dynamic range. A complex SATI®/SASDB® assembly steps down the common-mode component distributed capacitance thus manifesting itself as desensitizing the cable to HF and UHF noise, decrease the relative permittivity and signal energy losses. Moreover, it improves the conductor damping and virtually eliminates electro-dynamic noise. Unsurpassed EMI immunity derives from the X-Shield® SE - the latest modification of our patented Multi-Element Shielding System. The Ultimate IC is jacketed with highly elastic thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) Elastollan®. Developed by BASF, it exemplifies unrivalled dielectric long-term stability, mechanical strength and efficient absorption of acoustic noise and vibrational loads. Targeting the most demanding High End enthusiasts, the Ultimate IC exceeds its highly acclaimed Reference MkII IC counterpart primarily in fine definition and emotional appeal. It creates a revelatory musical performance, opening the gateway to a fascinating world of the tiniest subtleties and musical emotions that are usually barely perceptible. <<<

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