Tchernov Cable CLASSIC


It is a range of shielded speaker cables that embody our contemporary design philosophy. Noise immunity is one of the primary factors, challenging the attainable dynamic range especially in the modern computerised environment, which is full of multiple interferences.

A simple but efficient assembly of a tightly woven BRC braid and an integral BRC drain wire as well as X-Shield® (Patent RU No.124837U) - our prominent EMI protection system made their debut here. X-Shield® ensures efficient EMI suppression across a wide frequency range - from ELF to SHF, reduces the negative influence of multiple external interferences on the actual signal path and further improves the overall damping properties. An integral multi-stranded BRC drain wire, tracked along the whole shield, decreases the contact noise, provides low and constant shield impedance under mechanical deformation and improves the shield uniformity at every point.

The enlarged BRC conductors help modern high power amplifiers effortlessly match almost all kinds of speakers regardless of design ethos and technical specifications. As a result, all Classic speaker cables offer less sonic trade-offs compared to their Special counterparts, particularly when it comes to fine detail retrieval and musical emotions. Developed for various speaker connections they far outstrip most of the competitors within a wide price segment and well above their own cost.

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