Against a backdrop of increasing production in Asia, we are proud to offer the longstanding affordable range, manufactured almost entirely in Russia. It embodies the fundamental standards of engineering and craftsmanship our team elaborated from the very outset and shares many features with our higher-end products. Taking in all the technological refinements that Tchernov Cable has evolved over the past 20 years, we came out with this all-time favorite series redesigned from the ground up.

Designated for a variety of Multimedia and on-board applications, Standard copper cables incorporate the finest Russian-made materials and ingredients. Most of them prove to be unmatched in the industry: BRC conductors, SPVC (special PVC elastron) with excellent dielectric and mechanical properties, purely organic dyes with exact SPVC molecular matching, a high purity non-polar PE without any artificial polymerization accelerators that do have polar molecular structure.
With an impressive step up in performance the modern Standard products confidently outstrip many globally renowned brands not only within the entry-level price bracket, but well above it. Any set-up wired with Standard cables acquires our trademark tonal neutrality, splendid timbre and staggering level of detail, favoring cohesion and musicality over analytic excessiveness.