Tchernov Cable employs a scientific approach to cable design and engineering, as well as in factory management. We seek to represent the state of the art within the industry and strive to reach a level of musical fidelity that approaches the experience of the live event as closely as possible. Tchernov Cable invites you to “discover the difference”.
The High End industry is frequently associated with ridiculous under engineered designs that can sound overly technical, sterile and soulless. Tchernov Cable chooses a completely different way. For us, a perfectly designed and computed cable construction and its scrupulous execution has always been a top priority over esoteric design practices. Having established this basic principle from the outset, we’ve been strictly following this path through the past 20 years of research and development.
Tchernov Cable is a High-Tech brand. Freed from a doctrinal and conformist way of thinking we have successfully implemented a number of radically innovative designs. We built our reputation for industry leading conductor insulation and dielectric binding technologies like CAFPE®, SASDB® and SATI®. After years of development and continuous design refinements the FTDA® & CIDAS damping methods and DSC conductor architecture were introduced, as well as the multiple interference protection systems X-Shield® & X-Shield® SE. These are major evolutions in our continuous pursuit of design perfection in the High End industry.
Tchernov Cable adheres to a component-friendly concept. Many competitors are excessively system dependent, highlighting or over emphasising some parts of the frequency range at the expense of the overall coherence and tonal balance. By offering a more extended and flat frequency response, our cables present music in a delightfully realistic way and help AV components with differing performance traits blend seamlessly into an integrated AV set-up.
Man’s use of the Golden Ratio may have begun as early as the ancient Egyptians in the construction of the Pyramids. The Greeks used it for aesthetic perfection in their art and architecture while Renaissance artists saw it as a divine proportion that imparted beauty and balance in the creation of art. It also appears in the physical proportions of the human body and the universe. It goes back at least as far as 300 B.C., when the ancient Greek mathematician Euclid first ever described it in his major work, the “Elements” as the solution of equation x² - x = 1 (the irrational number, ≈ 1.618). Given its fundamental role in so many aspects of human existence, the Golden Ratio is also the framework for the lengths Tchernov Cable has determined as preferable for its terminated cables. We hereafter call them “standard lengths”.
Every Tchernov Cable product is individually hand crafted, packed and tested by highly qualified personnel at our own production facility in the city of Zelenograd in the Moscow region. We use custom SFS/AG solder designed by Tchernov Cable and made in Japan, as well as other rigorously selected parts and precision-made connectors and plugs. Our assembling skills are top notch. The result is absolute engineering integrity and industry leading fit and finish.
Our pricing policy is far from that employed by many of our rivals and is based on a principle of reasonable sufficiency. With a strong emphasis on engineering all our products offer targeted performance, quality and value. The price point is determined by the model range with more complex construction elements accessible in the higher series. Research and experiments that have not yielded any clear sonic benefits are not pursued. Our products are extremely competitive in both sonic performance and build quality to anything on the market.