FTDA® (Fiber Torsion Damping, patent RU No.124834U) method is based on a principle of a conductor free floating in a viscous longitudinal fiber surround with high mechanical decrement. Cable-Core consists of two insulated BRC conductors twisted symmetrically with two filling cotton cords of a bigger diameter and tightened with the dielectric binding under a consistent pressure. Launched in 2005, this method remains unsurpassed for its intrinsic conductor damping. More of that, with FTDA® electro-dynamic noise, caused by conductor’s vibration and movement in the Earth’s magnetic field is drastically decreased.
To ensure the highest decremental ratio, natural cotton fiber was chosen as a damping material because of its high longitudinal strength and filling ability. Moreover, a high percentage of air inside and between cotton fibers decreases relative permeability and signal energy loss. High inter-fiber torsion and low filler density enhances absorption of mechanical vibrations affecting a cable by as much as 50 times. As a result, the widest dynamic range is attained, which is only limited by thermal noise and thermoelectric contact potentials. This foremost technology is the foundation of our top-end Reference & Ultimate cables.