This basic range was conceived as a sweet spot between performance, features and price.

After a considered line-up extension we provide customers and professional installers plenty of choices to manage any kind of AV installation, including concealed wirings and a comprehensive power supply. Our hard work and dedication resulted in a number of rewarding designs that truly set these products above the majority of competitors within a wide price bracket.
CIDAS (Cord Insulating & Damping System) is the ground-breaking innovation, pioneered in the range-topper cables. CIDAS configuration with its symmetrical spatial conductor straddling provides efficient conductor damping, reduces electro-dynamic noise and common-mode component distributed capacitance, yielding better dynamic shifts rendering and perceptible gains in transient speed and texture.
The proprietary CAFPE® conductor insulation has been modified. Due to the modern high precision tooling, used for extruding process better structural uniformity and homogeneity of each insulation layer are achieved. Paired with the SDB binding this complex insulation sets a new benchmark for a strikingly low dielectric loss and keeps it at the forefront of the same class competition.
The innovative Combined 2-layer SPVC jacket with the air-foamed inner layer is another worthwhile feature of the renewed Special series. Such a sandwich structure tends to deliver long-term dielectric stability, better absorption of acoustic noise and vibrations, excellent resistance to external stress and enviable flexibility.
Although Special cables occupy the affordable end of our product line-up, they are fully competitive with far more expensive products and almost as good as the best, but at a fraction of their price. Manufactured to tighter tolerances, the modern Special cables outclass all their predecessors in every regard. Immense definition across a wider frequency range turns into a compelling and tangible presentation with the finesse of the most subtle passages.