We are proud to introduce the recently redesigned and diversified range of our basic cables for Home Audio & Multimedia. First, the entire Special series philosophy and designation has been rethought.

We acknowledged that the new products should meet the requirements of the modern AV industry - multiple functionality, improved usability and competitive pricing. Our hard work and dedication resulted in a number of influential design refinements that truly set these new products above the majority of competitors within a wide price segment including well above their own cost.
The ground-breaking innovation, introduced here is the Cord Insulating & Damping System (CIDAS). CIDAS configuration provides efficient conductor damping and drastically reduces electro-dynamic noise, caused by the conductor movement in the Earth’s magnetic field. The symmetrical spatial conductor straddling decreases the cable’s distributed capacitance and ensures a highly efficient energy transmission with crucial improvements in dynamics, scale and focus across all frequencies. The modified 2-layer CAFPE® conductor insulation, with the sufficiently extended inner air-foamed PE layer is overlaid with the improved structural uniformity and homogeneity. Combined with the SDB binding, our complex insulation considerably decreases the common-mode component distributed capacitance, relative permittivity and signal energy loss within the dielectric.
Mechanical resonances impose a much greater effect on cables' performance than had previously been thought. The innovative 2-layer SPVC jacket with the air-foamed inner layer is another key distinctive feature of the renewed Special series. A multilayer structure exemplifies better absorption of acoustic noise and vibrational loads combined with superior dielectric long-term stability and mechanical strength. Excellent resistance to external stress diversify the field of cable application.
With the new Special series we now offer installers a full set of different cables to manage all kind of installation, including concealed wirings and a comprehensive power supply solution with organizing one or several special isolated power supply lines to feed a complete set-up or separate sets of components.
Special cables have always had to cede a little ground to their technically and sonically more advanced Classic counterparts, but now, with their constructions carefully tuned they get very close to our all-time favourites in terms of musical fidelity. Special cables of the third revision are superior to all their predecessors in every aspect of performance.