The Ultimate project is a culmination of our relentless technical evolution. Based on two decades of endless R&D, exhaustive testing and dedication of the entire team who worked tirelessly in these unprecedented times, the new Ultimate cables are the best we ever produced and probably the finest available anywhere today. To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Tchernov Cable brand our top-of-the-line range has been enriched with a number of products, aimed at the most obsessively demanding music lovers.

The new from scratch BRC+ conductors with the unsurpassed impurity ratio compose the unique Ultimate DNA. The presence of iron (Fe), tin (Sn), germanium (Ge), antimony (Sb), cadmium (Cd) and arsenic (As) in this extremely refined copper was stepped down to the amounts not more than 0.00003%. The presence of silver (Ag) and lead (Pb) on the contrary has been slightly increased (up to 0.001% and 0.00035% respectively) for better structural uniformity, plasticity and high electrical conductivity of the wire. The trace concentration of oxygen (O) is finally under 0.0001%.
DSC (Distributed Symmetrical Conductor) architecture has been set as a cornerstone of all our flagship models. The hexagonal spatial conductor straddling enables instantaneous group wave speed, low and stable impedance from DC (0Hz) to tens of MHz’s and significant EMI reduction up to 20-40dB if compared to a twisted conductor arrangement. DSC helps creating a thrilling listening experience, opening the gateway to a fascinating world of tiniest subtleties and emotions that are usually barely perceptible.
SATI® (Semi-Air Tape Insulation) comprised of the increased number of PTFE tapes, is our cutting-edge individual conductor insulation to date. Cold dielectric tape overlaying avoids thermal stress to a conductor and its recrystallization during the overlaying process, thereby retaining the highest level of electrical conductivity and structural uniformity. Unlike thermal extruding, SATI® carefully preserves PTFE tape structure, provides vanishingly low dielectric loss and additional conductor damping.
SASDB® binding has undergone a serious tuning. The final bonding PTFE tape layer has been substituted by the cotton tape as an underlayer for the next following heavy shielding system. The cotton longitudinal fiber surround provides efficient shield’s decoupling from the Cable Core and virtually eliminates electro-dynamic noise, generated in the shield. Moreover, much air inside cotton fibers boost the overall dielectric qualities.
X-Shield® (Multi-Element Shielding System) is our unprecedented EMI protection. With immense attention to noise immunity we focused on achieving constant shielding properties upon curving and reducing contact noise in the shield structure. The latest incarnation of this 3-layer interactive sandwich rejects all kind of emitted interferences throughout the entire frequency spectrum.
The all-new Ultimate NG (next generation) connectors with the 24K gold plated high purity copper contacts and palladium plated caps for additional UHF shielding step up signal integrity and long-term contact stability. Their smart styling looks and feels absolutely gorgeous. The tried-and-true soldering technique with the use of golden nano flux provides a perceptibly lower intermodulation noise floor and a totally silent background.
With all the latest additions the admirable Ultimate range represents the apex of Tchernov Cable design. Incorporating a bouquet of fundamental innovations with the unique BRC+ conductors on top, Ultimate cables perform like never before with a genuine sense of «right there» realism. They are a priceless investment to a lifetime of audio excitement. Listen and enjoy the music!