Individual conductor insulation has an enormous impact on the overall performance. Tchernov Cable has implemented the multilayer sandwich type Combined Air-Foamed Polyethylene insulation - CAFPE®. The 3-layer CAFPE® comprises two layers of solid PE with different structural properties and an air-foamed PE in between. It provides superior dielectric qualities and is used mainly in coaxial cables to maintain 75 Ohm rated wave impedance.
With the advanced 2-layer CAFPE® previously unattainable consistent dielectric properties have been achieved. Utilized mainly in symmetrical cables, it consists of extended inner air-foamed PE and thin solid PE as an outer layer. Having substituted a solid PE layer with the foamed one we eliminated a direct conductor contact with higher relative permittivity dielectric. This translates into a further decrease of cable capacitance and signal energy loss. The latest generation of high precision tooling, used for overlaying process, provides better structural uniformity and homogeneity of each layer.