SATI® (Semi-Air Tape Insulation, patent RU No.124832U) is our cutting-edge individual conductor insulation to date. Based on a process of cold non-polar PTFE tape overlaying, it avoids thermal stress to a conductor and its recrystallization, resulting in unequalled electrical conductivity and structural uniformity. Unlike thermal overlaying, SATI® preserves the porous structure of the tape, decreasing the relative permittivity and signal energy loss within the dielectric to almost negligible level.
Moreover, with SATI® the relative permittivity is precisely distributed throughout the insulation volume, with the lowest level close to the conductor and rising, as the distance from the conductor grows. Last but not least, the cold overlaying doesn’t detriment the viscosity and adhesiveness of the dielectric tape, which enhances mechanical conductor damping. SATI® insulation is applied solely in the top-end Reference & Ultimate series.