Since its triumphant debut in 2003, our highly acclaimed Classic cables for sound conscious audiophiles have acquired the cult-like status. Being our best-selling champion and the most significant global success, the Classic series has made Tchernov Cable brand a byword for a beautifully balanced sound with strong emotional involvement, excellent build quality and user satisfaction.

The cutting-edge technologies like CAFPE® (Combined Air-Foamed PE) conductor insulation, SASDB® (Semi-Air-Spaced Dielectric Binding, Patent RU No.144590U), and the X-Shield® (Multi-Element Shielding System, Patent RU No.124837U), evolved in the second Classic iteration, released in 2013, represent our unique brand identity and define the values and engineering that we embody. Technological evolution continued over the last 10 years and translated into an amazing quantum leap of the new Classic MkIII cables.
The MkIII successors inherit the merits of all the previous iterations, but build on these qualities to be vastly superior in all respects. The major leap has been achieved within the framework of our insulation and damping techniques. The modified CAFPE®/SASDB® complex insulation with the improved uniformity and homogeneity steps down the common-mode component distributed capacitance, relative permittivity and signal energy loss. The innovative 2-layer SPVC jacket with the air-foamed inner layer provides unmatched mechanical strength and efficient absorption of acoustic noise and vibrations.
Last but not least, the completely redesigned elegant Classic NG connectors of different types with the improved contacts made of high purity 24K gold plated copper guarantee minimal transient resistance and contact noise, enhance signal integrity and usability.
The modern Classic series is a short yet comprehensive selection of interconnect, shielded speaker cable and sophisticated AC powerline cord all intended to perfectly complement each other thanks to their similar design ethos and the materials used. Any audio system, wired with a full set of Classic cables, creates a revelatory listening experience that exceeds every expectation a true audiophile could have of cabling in any implementation for the asking price or well above it.