Our computerized environment is full of multiple interferences, induced on analog low-current signal and digital data flow thus deteriorating performance. X-Shield® (Patent RU No.124837U) as a Multi-Element Shielding System is our most advanced EMI protection. It is a 3-layer interactive sandwich, where medium density (25-50%) BRC braid is enclosed by two layers of copper foil. An integral drain wire, tracked along the inner foil layer, reduces the contact noise in the shield structure and improves the overall shielding capability. It also provides constant shield impedance at the lowest levels even upon mechanical deformation as well as uniform shield properties at every point. X-Shield® ensures exceptional protection from EMI across a wide frequency bandwidth - from ELF to SHF and drastically reduces the negative influence of multiple interferences on the actual signal path. Besides efficient noise suppression it further improves vibration damping and serves for additional electrodynamic noise protection.
X-Shield® SE (Super Efficiency, patent RU No.124835U) is a result of continuous evolutionary development of our renowned Multi-Element Shielding System and is used in our top-end Reference & Ultimate cables. The latest modification of this 3-layer interactive sandwich with two layers of 50 µ rolled BRC foil provides superior EMI protection in the extended frequency range especially at LF, where industrial noise is most intensive. Due to a higher metal mass, better vibration absorption and lower electrodynamic noise are achieved, thus contributing to attainable dynamic range extension.