Our computerized environment is full of multiple interferences that deteriorate audio reproduction. X-Shield® (Multi-Element Shielding System, patent RU No.124835U) is our unprecedented EMI protection. It is a 3-layer interactive sandwich with two layers of heavy rolled copper foil, and a tightly woven BRC braid. An integral drain wire, tracked along the inner foil layer, keeps shield impedance constant at a strikingly low level and provides uniform shield properties at every point.
X-Shield® rejects most of emitted interferences across a wide frequency bandwidth from ELF to UHF and especially at LF, where industrial noise is most intensive. Due to a high metal mass, better vibration absorption and lower electro-dynamic noise are achieved, contributing to attainable dynamic range extension.
As a continuously evolving technology X-Shield® has undergone several upgrades and is currently incorporated in our Classic, Reference & Ultimate cables. The materials and overlaying process have been thoughtfully and methodically fine-tuned to reduce contact noise in the shield structure and achieve constant shielding properties upon curving.