The birth and further evolution of this iconic High End range was inspired by our continuous quest for perfection.

Since its inception in 2005 Reference series has always been a showcase of Tchernov Cable’s latest innovations. The cutting-edge technologies like SATI® conductor insulation (Patent RU No.124832U), FTDA® conductor damping method (Patent RU No.124834U) and the Multi-Element Shielding System X-Shield® (Patent RU No.124835U), - all have become an intrinsic DNA of the brand.
Originally developed to superlative standards, the Reference cables have been constantly improved over the years. DSC (Distributed Symmetrical Conductor, patent RU No.2652382U) is the epoch-making stride forward in cable design. Pioneered in 2016, this conductor architecture enables a near-to-ideal energy transmission, dynamic range extension and breath-taking definition. Outstanding flexibility derived from a relatively small outer diameter makes the installation easy and esthetic.
The 2023 generational refresh builds on the firm foundations of all predecessors and strong inheritance of the flagship Ultimate’22 series engineering. Technological novelties like SASDB® with the bonding cotton tape layer and the overhauled X-Shield® now reside in the modern Reference series. Seamlessly integrated from top to bottom they set a new benchmark in the industry for the foreseeable future.
FTDA damping method has long been a cornerstone of our cable design. First introduced back in 2005 it remains unsurpassed for its inherent conductor damping. Based on a conductor free floating in a viscous longitudinal cotton fiber surround with high mechanical decrement, FTDA® provides absorption of vibrations affecting the conductors by as much as 50 times and ensures the widest attainable dynamic range.
Hi-damping jacketing with the thermoplastic polyurethane Elastollan® is another standout feature that adds overwhelming superiority. Elastollan® exemplifies high elasticity, exceptional mechanical strength and vibration absorption, as well as excellent resistance to abrasions, tears, temperature fluctuations, and aggressive chemicals.
Last but not least, the reworked and beautifully finished Reference NG (next generation) connectors of different types with the contacts made of microalloyed 24K gold plated copper guarantee minimal transient resistance and contact noise. They impart signal integrity, durability and meticulous product visualization.
After two decades of intensive R&D and endless listening tests we now offer the penultimate Reference products with every facet of their construction thoughtfully tuned for boosting usability and performance. Sharing some DNA with the Ultimate’22 range, Reference cables elevate the musical fidelity to the level, which is second only to their flagship counterparts for about half of their cost.