The first iteration of the Reference IC was released way back in 2005, and at the time was our first attempt at a premium interconnect cable.

With some design changes apart, this product has remained pretty much the same until now. Large 1.00 mm2 BRC conductors, selected for class-leading definition and real-scale imaging, along with the foremost FTDA ® conductor damping method are the framework of this highly acclaimed design. Based on a conductor free floating in a viscous longitudinal cotton fiber surround with high mechanical decrement, FTDA ® method provides absorption of vibrations affecting the conductors by as much as 50 times and ensure the widest attainable dynamic range.
Having declared dielectrics to be completely integral to our persistent design evolution we introduced SATI ® (Patent RU No.124832U) - the most advanced individual conductor insulation to date. Based on a method of cold PTFE tape overlaying, SATI ® avoids thermal stress to the conductor and eliminates copper recrystallization during the overlaying process thereby obtaining superb electrical conductivity and structural uniformity. Unlike thermal extruding, SATI ® carefully preserves PTFE tape structure, provides vanishingly low dielectric loss and additional conductor damping.
The modern Reference analog & digital interconnect cables are noticeably ahead of the world competition both technically and sonically. They exceed every expectation a true audiophile has ever imagined and leave little to be desired.