A diversified selection of basic amplifier-to-speaker connectivity products with versatile functionality and improved usability is aimed mainly at installers and professional sound engineers.

It combines two advanced speaker wires in the most commonly used sizes 2.5 mm² (14 AWG) & 4.0 mm² (12 AWG), a compact entry-level symmetrical Special SC and a highly innovative Special 2.5 SC incorporating Cord Insulating & Damping System (CIDAS).
They are seriously engineered and packed with technology. CIDAS configuration, the modified CAFPE ® conductor insulation, SDB binding and the innovative 2-layer SPVC jacket with the air-foamed inner layer are the major design advancements that make this updated selection perfectly adapted not only for Home Audio & Multimedia, but for professional use in recording studios as well. As a result, the new products offer less sonic trade-offs compared to their Standard counterparts, particularly when it comes to fine detail retrieval, transient speed and immediacy. Offering superb value for money they have no equal for the price asked. High grade spade & banana connectors make on-the-scene termination straightforward and practical.