They cover a wide segment of the market and are useful for all kind of modern installation, including concealed wirings.

Seriously engineered and packed with technology, these cables fit into tight spaces without incurring any sound degradation. The reworked spade & banana connectors with the durable 24K gold plating make the on-site termination straightforward and practical. However, a simple connection with a slightly tinned (5-7 mm) bare wire may occur technically superior in hard-to-reach places.
The new products not only inherit all the best attributes of their predecessors, but embody radical tech advancements: Cord Insulating & Damping System (CIDAS), the modified CAFPE ® insulation, SDB binding and the innovative Combined 2-layer SPVC jacket with the air-foamed inner layer. Well-balanced from top to bottom Special cables release lots of drive to Hi-Fi speakers. Explosive dynamic shifts are revealed with ease and realism. With a superb value for money Special cables have few peers at any price.