An all-round symmetrical cable with the twisted 1.5 mm2 (16 AWG) BRC conductors is adapted to aftermarket speaker wiring upgrades, as well as to powering devices with low and stable power consumption.

Higher EMI immunity compared to a parallel conductor arrangement transforms into a substantially decreased noise floor and frequency extension. An extremely slim profile facilitates accommodation in tight spaces. Special 1.5 S-AC makes a clearly audible difference from any stock speaker or powerline cord. With better rendition and faster transients it has no equal for the price asked.


Type: symmetrical cable for speaker wirings & 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz power supply
Conductor: 2 x 1.50 mm² (30 x 0.245 mm) multi-stranded BRC conductors
Insulation: XLPE (cross-linked PE)
Dielectric binding: non-colored low-loss SPVC with high filling capability
Jacket: Combined 2-layer SPVC jacket with the air-foamed inner layer and a solid outer layer with antistatic treatment
Outer diameter: 8.8 mm
Available: on spools
Country of origin: made in Russia

Due to the cable construction complexity and excessive material consumption the initial burn-in period (time during which the best sonic performance is reached) is suggested as 100 hours of uninterrupted music playback at least. We highly recommend playing music of different genres.

Due to our policy of continuous product development, all specifications are subject to change without notice.