Engineered with the same accuracy as their higher-end counterparts, our neat Standard speaker wires remain the all-time favorites for professional installers & DIY enthusiasts year after year. The advanced conductor weave arrangement ensures even inter-wire tension, strand conformity and exact round profile for insulation concentricity. Though the geometric area has been slightly reduced, the physical cross-section is the same.
The one-of-a-kind Russian-made SPVC (special PVC elastron) with low permeability guarantees class-leading insulation. Not only that, the unique purely organic dye with the exact SPVC molecular matching, used for coloring process, doesn’t degrade dielectric consistency. Other benefits of such jackets like exceptional flexibility and low friction facilitate accommodation in tight spaces. Speakers sound crisp and clean, with a sense of flow and midrange warmth, when connected with the modern Standard speaker wires.