A well-balanced selection of handy interconnects with the enhanced noise immunity meets any modern Multimedia, Pro or on-board installation requirements. Designed with a strong emphasis on engineering efficiency, they perform far beyond the outward construction simplicity and the value of the materials applied. Extremely flexible, lightweight and easy-to-use they represent the best of Tchernov Cable’s updated technologies and expertise.
Exactingly computed BRC conductors, less susceptible to EMI, take full advantage of our proprietary CAFPE ® insulation with the improved uniformity and homogeneity of each insulation layer. The one-of-a-kind Russian-made SPVC (special PVC elastron) with low permeability and high mechanical decrement is rigorously selected for jacketing. The unique purely organic dye with the exact SPVC molecular matching doesn’t degrade dielectric consistency. Besides efficient vibration absorption such jackets provide exceptional flexibility and low friction to simplify accommodation in a confined space. Fitted with the tweaked Standard ergonomic plugs these low-key interconnects allow less sonic trade-offs compared to the mass-market rivals.