Reacting to the market request for a streamlined single frame coaxial cable, we revamped our entry-level offer.

A drastically lower noise floor, derived from the new BRC conductor, less susceptible to EMI, makes it a must for those enthusiasts, who want to upgrade their mobile systems, operating within a strong interference density. Other principal tunings are the modified CAFPE® insulation and the innovative Combined 2-layer SPVC jacket with the air-foamed inner layer. As a result Standard Coaxial IC is more extended towards frequency extremes and performs with accurate timing, mostly typical for symmetrical designs. Music is presented with a greater textural nuance and convincing imaging.


Type: streamlined coaxial interconnect cable
Conductor: 0,22 mm² (7 x 0.20 mm) multi-stranded BRC conductor
Wave impedance: 75 Ohm
Insulation: 3-layer CAFPE®
Shield: >90% BRC braid
Jacket: Combined 2-layer SPVC jacket with the air-foamed inner layer and the outer layer with antistatic treatment
Outer dimensions: 6 мм
Termination: RCA/RCA with Standard S plug
Available: on spools and in standard terminated lengths
Country of origin: made in Russia

Due to the cable construction complexity and excessive material consumption the initial burn-in period (time during which the best sonic performance is reached) is suggested as 100 hours of uninterrupted music playback at least. We highly recommend playing music of different genres.

Due to our policy of continuous product development, all specifications are subject to change without notice.