Tchernov Cable PRO USB A-B IC


This new from the ground up, high-speed USB 2.0 cable is specially designed for high-bandwidth (up to 32 bit/768 kHz PCM/DSD512) and multichannel Hi-Res Audio digital data transfer. It builds on our latest groundbreaking innovation - the Diverged Signal & Power Lines (DSPL) architecture. DSPL ensures a multiple reduction of both EM radiation and susceptibility to radio interference, thus providing a nearly ideal loss-free transmission channel. The spacious signal & power lines straddling decreases interference to a minimum value especially at high transmission rates, while the individual X-Shield® systems protect from external EM field influence over the digital data flow. Such a radical solution eliminates transmission errors while providing noise free power for external USB devices. Each signal & power line is double jacketed with low-loss SPVC for long-term dielectric stability and elastic SPVC with high decrement for mechanical strength and efficient absorption of acoustic noise and vibrational loads. Immaculate CNC machined aluminium USB A-B holders encasing gold plated high purity copper contacts complete the efficient shielding and demonstrates the meticulous attention to detail that defines all our products. The new Pro USB A-B IC sets the definitive standard for contemporary high-rate digital file presentation and precision craftsmanship. All digital components, connected with the Pro USB A-B IC, perform with a breathtaking analytic definition and unequalled analog realism.

Type: high-speed USB 2.0 digital cable for high-rate Hi-Res Audio
Signal line: 2 x 0.35 mm² (7 x 0.26 mm) twisted multi-stranded BRC conductors
Power line: 2 x 0.35 mm² (7 x 0.26 mm) twisted multi-stranded BRC conductors
Insulation: 2-layer CAFPE® with the extended inner air-foamed PE layer
Dielectric binding: SDB
Shielding: X-Shield®
Jacket: inner layer: non-colored low-loss SPVC; outer layer: antistatic elastic SPVC
Protective cover: nylon sleeve
Outer dimensions: 10 x 22 mm
Тermination: CNC machined aluminium cased USB A-B connectors with gold plated high purity copper contacts
Available: in standard terminated lengths
Country of origin: made in Russia

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