There are more than enough cables on this planet, one could assume. And this equally applies to cable theories. Therefore certainly no one anticipated a further cable provider. Especially one from Russia.

(Article from German Stereo Magazine July 2012)

There are more than enough cables on this planet, one could assume. And this equally applies to cable theories. Therefore certainly no one anticipated a further cable provider. Especially one from Russia. Russian HiFi is pretty much unknown here, although it certainly exists. Many Russians have a good portion of HiFi passion and also profound understanding of music. So why not also have cables with a Russian "soul"? These have been supplied for a while by Moscow based company Tchernov Audio. However until now, this was mainly for the home market, Ukraine and since recently, Asia. But now a sales office has been established in Berlin.

Sonorous Transparency & Power

From the wide Tchernov programme, we received leads manufactured in Russia, such as the cheaper "REFERENCE" range. Their "Cuprum" copper apparently really does originate from Russian soil, is processed in the country and then formed into cables at the Tchernov factory near the capital.

They look back at a long tradition, during the 80's Russia was obviously the world’s second largest cable manufacturer and equally has access to know-how as it does to its skills as the leading producer of leads for the military, aeronautic industry and space travel.

Without knowing any of this or the special background of the Reference cables, I simply connected a symmetrical, 1.65 metre interconnect cable between the preamplifier and the power amplifier. With virtually "resounding" success. Liza Minnelli's live title "Old Friends" suddenly gained power; such verve evoked from the rich, but extremely differentiated bass and key tone that for a moment I was rendered speechless.

Before, despite top leads, this had sounded more indecisive. Also a soft, light haze that I had never noticed before was drawn by the interconnect cable from the overall sound, which now appeared all the more clearer and overall more resonant, drier and more sonorous.

Further closer checks showed that the Tchernov cable, the LS version, of which the insulating weave on the speaker side that leads through the minus pole was also provided, certainly offered a special characteristic. It lets the music sound as naturally homogeneous as possible, avoids artificial brightening and develops a bass that offers an unequalled dynamic, complexity and a gnarly cohesiveness. It hereby draws out a large, wide and deep and also excellently structured spectrum in itself and offers an airy soft high tone range that is more golden toned than shimmery silver.

Tchernov is an Enrichment

Is it the material that leads to this excellent performance? In contrast to many other manufacturers, Tchernov Audio has little time for orthodox purism. The Russians believe that the often sworn by 99.999…percent copper component is a false belief. They value the right mixture. As they do not need to rely on the copper sorts offered on the global market, but have the possibility to have the copper produced to specifications, they ordered several “cocktails” in which other elements many certainly only appear as traces and listened with these until the ideal “Cuprum” compound had been discovered.

This is now contained in all Tchernov cables.

The leads are formed of strands of varying thicknesses, whereby high quality dielectrics of porous PTFE and also cotton filling are to ensure transmission with little loss and an inner stability with good flexibility.

Finally we tested complete top class cable sets from HMS, Silent Wire and also Tchernov’s Reference lead with various linkages, whereby the special features of the Russian connectors came even more to light.

In Vaughan William‘s sometimes powerful, sometimes breathy “Sea Symphony”, they proved themselves in fortissimo distinct and undistorted. The large choir retained its form, was still stably contoured at a whisper and could be clearly understood.

The insulation contact of the LS cable is, by the way, expedient. If it was not connected, the stage width is narrowed, the reproduction is flatter.

Tchernov not only easily equalled the sets from HMS and Silent Wire. Its colourful pithiness was exceedingly seductive. There are enough normal cables; these here are therefore a true enrichment.



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