The Tchernov Cable team is pleased to present to you the first novelty of 2021 – the digital high-speed cable Pro USB A-B IC.

This product is a limited series of 500 sets of USB 2.0 cable with a completely new "Design of independent signal and supply lines" DSPL for transmitting Hi-Res Audio streams up to 32 bit/768 kHz (PCM/DSD512). DSPL provides maximum noise immunity of the data transmission channel from both external and internal interference, repeatedly reducing the number of errors in the transmitted information stream. To reduce mutual interference, the cable is made in the form of two independent, physically spaced symmetrical structures made of twisted insulated multi-wire BRC conductors with individual static shielding and damping. Protection against external interference is the "Multi-element shielding system" X-Shield® separately for the signal and supply lines, as well as precision milled aluminum housings of USB connectors for additional shielding of contact groups. The new digital cable Pro USB A-B IC helps to re-evaluate the capabilities of the USB 2.0 protocol, opening up to the listener a huge amount of previously unreported musical information. This is a complete Russian-made product. And at the moment our most perfect USB cable, which in terms of musical reliability is designed to successfully compete with the best samples on the market, while being relatively inexpensive!